160120_RelentMeeting_033Brigitte Onteniente, PhD, is CEO and founder of Phenocell. Brigitte is an internationally recognized expert for brain plasticity, stroke and stem cell therapy. After receiving her Doctorate in the University of Montpellier, she completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the Anatomy Department of Shiga Medical School, in Japan, before entering Inserm. She joined I-Stem in 2009 to coordinate the European program STEMS, and took the challenge to leave academia for entrepreneurship in 2013. Brigitte performed the Challenge+ management and business training in HEC in 2013.


Julien2Julien MARUOTTIPhD, is Chief Scientific Officer and shareholder. Julien graduated from the AgroParisTech engineer school and has 8 years of experience in stem cell research. His skills include generation and differentiation of pluripotent stem cells, cell based high-throughput screening and drug discovery. Rich of an international experience (China, USA), Julien specializes in retinal disorders and retinal pigment epithelium differentiation from iPSC.